Cycle Hayling is a volunteer community group campaigning to get more people on bikes and make Hayling Island more cycle-friendly.  We aim to

  • Improve cycle routes for journeys to school, work, shops, leisure and exercise
  • Make cycling safer
  • Encourage training opportunities, for kids and adults

Cycle Map 2012

You may have seen our Cycle Map of Hayling.  

Cycle Map Signboard at Bridge

Or our Cycle Map Signboards at the bridge, the Ferry Boat Inn and the Station Theatre.


Some of our current projects include :-

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Recent Posts

Safe cycle routes to schools

Safe cycle routes to schools (Leader: Robert Sebley)

We believe that with all the health benefits, children should be able to cycle to school safely, and yet even at Hayling College, only around 10% of pupils and staff actually do, against 50% using cars.  Those that do cycle are often seen riding on the pavement.  Encouraging cycling to school is a key target of government, and of Sustrans, with their Free Range Kids and Safe Routes To Schools programmes.

The most common concern was lack of safe routes, so we are working with landowners and Havant and Hampshire councils to develop new safe routes to schools.  Our first major success is due in the first quarter of 2013, when the ‘cinder track’ is due to be converted to dual use for cyclists and pedestrians.

See more in our report on East Hayling Route to Schools v3.

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